Parent Volunteer Information

Posted October 16, 2019


Parents, we appreciate all of the interest in getting your volunteer hours in! Currently we are working on getting a list compiled of tasks that can be done, both here at school and remotely, that will qualify for the mandatory parent volunteer hours.
Parents are asked to volunteer 2 hours per month to the school. While you wait for this list to arrive via email please consider carpooling students to school or attending our monthly board meeting on the third Tuesday each month. For more information contact the office at d19patten@gmail.com



Educators Night at Evergreen

New math/science teacher Maggie Skyler attended Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum's Educator's Night with three of our lower high school students. Our very own Jasiah Puckett won the grant prize from the raffle, a $250.00 gift certificate for a school wide field trip to the museum! We will be cashing in on this fantastic prize in January for an amazing day at the museum.



RICE Museum of Rocks and Minerals


Our first big field trip of the year took us to two places. The RICE Museum of Rocks and Minerals and Hoffmans Farms. The kids had a wonderful time at both but the RICE Museum definitely took the cake! They had a blast seeing all the wonderful specimens in this collection and digging for some special pieces of their own in the rock pile.

Senior Projects Are Underway


Every year our graduating seniors take on a project to leave their mark on the school. Several have already begun their projects. We are excited to update our gallery with project pictures as they move through their process.

A project from last year was placing a school sign!



Upcoming Events

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