Eola Hills Amazon Wishlist Donations​

Our school is always in need of regular supplies and special classroom fixtures. If you are feeling inclined to make a one time donation in the form of supplies and specific needs, please visit our Amazon account and view our pre-made wishlists. You can purchase anything from the wishlist that fits your budget and it ships directly to us.
We appreciate any gift that is granted to us and we are more than happy to offer a reciept for tax purposes as we are a non-profit.

Click on the title of this post and it will take you to our public Amazon wish list to shop from.

Regular Giving

If you are in a position to set up a consistent, or monthly donation, please get in contact with our Office Manager Donna Patten. Regular donations allow us to plan more field experiences, budget for unexpected building maintnence, and make large purchases for classroom supplies and fixtures that are otherwise out of our normal opperating budget.

Paypal payment email: ehcsenrollment@gmail.com


Donna Patten

Office Manager


9015 Community Club Rd.

Amity, OR 97101



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