We are a tuition free, public charter school through the Amity School District. We are located in the community of Ballston, just outside of the city of Amity. We Serve students in 1st - 12th grade from Marion, Polk & Yamhill Counties.

We currently offer bus serves through First Student with bus stops in Amity and McMinnville. We also encourage our families to use carpooling as a way to satisfy their volunteer hours to the school community.

We have a passionate and gifted teaching, and support, staff that is committed to providing individualized learning in engaging environments. We meet students where they are at, and develop their personal learning to show them that growth and progress matters. Success comes in as many forms as people do. It is our goal to help students discover their success.

Our mascot is the phoenix. We chose this mascot to represent the second chance, that we believe every student deserves, at a quality education and a bright future. We have a focus on trauma informed teaching, as well as trauma sensitive disciplinary action. We recognize that many of our students have difficult pasts, in regards to life as well as educational experiences. It is our hope that they identify with the phoenix, that they rise from their ashes, spread their wings, and take flight into a great new world of possibilities.

Our Mission

"Success in learning, success in life."

Eola Hills Charter School takes a whole-child approach to education. Teachers, administrators, and support staff work together to meet the intellectual, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of each and every child we serve.

Our History

Eola Hills Charter School started as Ballston Community School in August of 2006. In 2013 the school suffered a devastating fire that was ultimately a total loss. For two years the school moved from location to location just trying to stay open. Finally, we were able to secure a permanent spot, back in our Ballston Community, with 5 modular buildings. We were able to reopen in our permanent location in 2016.

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