Our Mission

The Eola Hills Charter School's future goals include being recognized as a leader in educational instruction based on our unique individualized learning model. Our approach will be noted for its outcomes: where self-confident students are successful in the academic, social  and personal areas of their lives. 

Our school will prosper and grow into a state of the art campus that can meet the demand for this type of education and will also house facilities and staff to help promote our educational model across the country.

More Information

Charters Schools are tuition free public schools created on the basis of an agreement or "charter" between the school district and the community. This gives the charter school expanded freedom, relative to traditional public schools, in return for a commitment to meet higher standards of accountability. Eola Hills Charter School is accredited under the Oregon Department of Education per the following: ORS 338.115 (12). A high school diploma, a modified diploma, an extended diploma or an alternative certificate issued by a public charter school grants to the holder the same rights and privileges as a high school diploma, a modified diploma, an extended diploma or an alternative certificate issued by a non-chartered public school.

Eola Hills Charter School (EHCS) offers an alternative education setting which differs from the traditional public school environment in that testing, evaluation and intervention/action planning is much more comprehensive. The process utilized by EHCS in testing and evaluation leads to the development of a Personalized Education Plan, (PEP), for each student. The PEP includes identification of strengths and weaknesses relative to foundational thinking abilities, and a plan designed to facilitate improvements in those that are weak while enhancing those indicated to be areas of giftedness. IEP’s from a student’s resident district are adhered to and augmented by the Eola Hills Charter School’s PEP. Additionally, in the PEP, students have a specific discipline plan designed for their own individual needs.

Additional Programs

At Eola Hills Charter School we offer two unique programs to enhance the education of our students. The first program is Multi -Sensory Integration (MSI). MSI is integrated into the entirety of the day. We realize that every child learns in an individual way and want to offer children the opportunity to utilize their surroundings to manage themselves in the classroom and in turn be successful accademically. The use of fidgets, pressure therapy, agriculture and many more multi - sensory activities are used in the classroom.

In Addition to MSI, Eola Hills Charter School also uses a system called SOI (Structure of intellect). This system follows a plan of assessments on how a person learns and then offers ways to help develop areas that the person is weak in and enhance the areas that are stronger.

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